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A group of friends were together in the kitchen toasting to life, friends and the joy of sharing good times.

As they went on toasting and laughing one of them started hiccupping and the others had a huge laughter attack. Laughing is contagious and as the hiccups, it keeps repeating and never seems to stop.

So, in the middle of that never-ending laughter, one of them took paper and pencil to draft an image that came to her mind at that precise moment… MIPO.

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MIPO is inspiring and many artists have become friends with its style and attitude.

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Nací en la Cd. De México donde realicé todos mis estudios. Soy egresada de la Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas de la UNAM como Lic. en

El artista plástico mexicano León Alva nace en la Ciudad de México el 11 de abril de 1963. Desde muy temprana edad se siente atraído por